Interview: SocialWendy educates me on Social Marketing

As you have noticed during some of the interviews at SXSW I had a partner in crime, Wendy Meadley AKA SocialWendy.  When I first met Wendy I was wondering what in the world a social marketer does.  Well in between interviews Wendy and I sat down and had a quick chat about social marketing and the role technology plays in this growing field.  I found what I learned to be entertaining as well as very interesting.

Wendy and I also had a chance to talk about this topic and more with David Meerman ScottDavid Meerman Scott is likely the most published social marketer on the planet and he shared a lot of insights with us, and look for the 5 part series next week on the blog.

Learn about Social Marketing and Social Media:

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  1. socialwendy says:

    MSN LIVE- I promise! Thanks again Matt, it was fun-sw

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