What does 4,353,130 calories look like?


Boxes and Boxes of Girl Scout Cookies.  My lovely wife took on the task of “Cookie Mom” this year which means she is responsible for the cookie inventory for my daughters troop.  So I decided to have fun with math!  That is a picture of yours truly surrounded by 343 cases of various Girl Scout cookies with 12 boxes per case, that is a total of 4,116 boxes.  So just for fun and keep in mind I ordered 5 boxes myself I decided to see, as my buddy Brian puts it, what is the “damage bill”.

BTW, Brian I expect a corresponding exercise list to justify eating the cookies.  If the mere site of the cookies got your mouth watering please visit the site below to find cookies in your local area:


Here is the breakdown:






Thin Mints 94 1,120 13,440 1,263,360
Samoas 78 1,050 12,600 982,800
Tagalongs 49 980 11760 576,240
Do-si-dos 33 1,080 12,960 427,680
Lemon Chalet Cremes 29 1,020 12,240 354,960
Trefoils 26 1,190 14,280 371,280
Dulce de Leche 21 1,000 12,000 252,000
Sugar Free Chocolate Chips 13 800 9,600 124,800




[UPDATE] My buddy Brian came through to if you eat all those cookies,  you only have to run for 660 hours or run 3960 miles at a 10 minute pace.

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