Interview: Kai Axford talking about Preventing Corporate Espionage

During one of our internal conferences at TechReady I got to speak with my good friend Kai Axford.  Kai is an incredible security speaker and is a part of Microsoft Trustworthy Computing (TWC) group.  Kai has a ton of knowledge around security strategies and technologies, and I was very happy he agreed to a quick interview.  I chatted with Kai and we talked about preventing corporate espionage, and some the obvious but overlooked ways to prevent it.  Our conversation was very technology agnostic and we chatted about internal espionage as well.  Imagine this quick scenario:

  • Bob works for you
  • Everyone LOVES Bob
  • Bob’s wife Mary comes to office and brings cookies
  • Mary walks around unescorted
  • Everyone LOVES Mary.

Does this seem pretty common scenario in your offices?  If it is then you need to ask the following questions:

  1. Does Bob LOVE the Company?
  2. Is Bob behind on his mortgage?
  3. What is Mary really walking around for?
  4. Does Mary Love the company?

Kai has an excellent post talking in more detail about scenarios like the one above:

Dripping Data: Understanding and Reducing Insider Threat (Part III) 

When you take a look at those questions you can really see the dangerous potential of internal corporate espionage.  Just some food for thought.   Check out the interview below and if you want to learn more about TWC please visit:

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