Matt eats a lot of Crow: Recap 5 bold NFL Predictions and I mean a lot of Crow

nfl-logo I have to admit, when it comes to NFL predictions I may not be that good.  Some would say horrible.  However, did have a lot of fun laughing at your comments on my posts and more importantly laughing at myself.  I thought it was bad enough that I made the gaff of forgetting the Giants and Cowboys were in the same division.  I blame that on the fact I live in Dallas and it is Dallas this Dallas that 24/7.  So with that said, I made 5 bold predictions, what where my results:

1 out of 5. 

Yes my crystal ball was a little hazy at times but I did give myself some partial credit.

To recap here were my predictions:

    1. Aaron Rodgers is in for a long year as are the Packer fans.  If Aaron was cracking he was under pressure (which he was) with the whole Brett Farve ordeal, he has not seen anything yet.  wait until he starts playing.  When he has a bad game how will he be then?  You think the pressure is big now, wait until the fans remind him he is not Brett.  Take heart Packer Fans, you will still make the playoffs, great defense and weak division will get you there.

      Result .75 I give myself a partial credit for this one, however they did not make the playoffs.  Aaron Rodgers did have a long year and I think he will be a solid QB for many years to come.  My only hope is that the city embraces hime like they did Farve.  The only way to do that is Aaron Rodgers needs to Win!

    2. Giants will not even make the playoffs.  When you look at what made them it great, and no it was not Eli.  What was it, defense and with the lose of Strahan, and the tough division they are in for a long season.

      Result .25,  I did not get this right, but I consider it a partial win for me for two reasons.  First I know the city of New York had a long week after my Browns waxed them on Monday night.  BTW I was at that game on Monday.  If you we there I was one of the folks collecting money for Think Pink week with my sister Lisa, we made over 11k that night, so thank you for all that donated!  BTW that is Lisa at the right with the checkThinkPinkLisaCheck

      Secondly see result for prediction 4.

    3. Stephen Jackson, will pull a Barry Sanders and the St. Louis Ram running back will not even play this season.  The only way that he will play is if the Ram's meet his demands and I do not think that will happen.  Although I think his Barry Sanders impersonation will only last one season, I do not expect him to be on the field.

      Result .25 While I was technically wrong on this on for the reason Stephen Jackson did play but he missed most of the season due to injury, blame this on my hazy crystal ball.

    4. Cowboys are going lose in the playoffs again.  Sorry Romo, you are going to cruise through the regular session and probably win the NFC east (again weak division), but once again, no wins in the playoffs.  Look for a lot of fun off season questions.

      Result .75  I only give myself partial credit because I had Dallas And NY flipped, Dallas missed the playoffs and the Giants lost in the first round.  So why 1.25, because I can, however more importantly, I had a so much fun listening to the local Dallas media, fans throughout the season.  I could have predict the beat down of Dallas or should I call it the debacle in Philly.  They have also had a lot of off season questions. 

    5. Browns are going to win the Super Bowl.  This is my boldest prediction, and mark my words if they win the division, they are going to be a tough out in the playoffs.  The team is young, hungry, and loaded with talent.  However, they are  in a tough division and have a tough out of division schedule. 

      Result –1  I give myself negative credit for this not only did we not even come close to the playoffs, we finished dead last in the division, yes worse then the Benagals due to the Tie.  Worse yet our bitter rivals won the Super Bowl….Sigh  please hope for a better year.

I know my logic  and math seems still screwy but wait until my next 5 predictions for Football.  Unless any of you out there want to come up with 5 of your own.  Better yet give me a sport, ANY SPORT, and I will make predictions.  I am working on upgrading my Crystal ball to Windows 7.  🙂

See everyone in a few months!

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    With the NFL season officially over, and Arena Football canceled, what now?  How is one supposed

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