Webcast: Selecting the Right Candidates for Virtualization (1-16-2009)

Thanks for attending part 2 of the webcast series and talking about how to pick the right systems to be virtualized.  A huge thank you to Kevin Remde and Harold Wong for their help on the webcast! Thank you to everyone for asking a lot of great questions, if you need any more information please comment!  My teammates are presenting several other parts but I will see you again at part 10 on 02/13/2009, TechNet Webcast: Using Presentation Virtualization.


Question: Is there or will there be a of new version of the VirtualPC compatible with the HYPER-V for Vista x64 or Widnows 7 x64?
Answer: I don't know of any plans for that. However a great thing is that the .vhd file is the same format. This makes moving a Hyper-V created machine to Virtual PC fairly straight forward, however you need to be aware of problems around the around hardware layer in the .vhd.

Question: Where can I get more information on solution accelerators?
Answer: The Solution Accelerators are found here:

Question: Will MAP provide Small Business Server 2003/2008 assessments and recommendations?
Answer: Not specifically for SBS. You can still use the information collected, though, to help you make your own determinations.

Question: After virtualization can I use the tool to confirm the right placement of the VM?
Answer: Yes you can. It is just a matter or re-running the tool and then look at to see if you need to migrate the VPC’s

Question: Is it possible to have a guest OS run x64 on Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1?
Answer: No. Virtual Server can't host 64-bit virtual machines. Hyper-V can.

Question: Can you use the tool to evaluate machines on different networks?
Answer: Yes, you can find more information on the underlying technology here:

Question: Can SCOM and SCCM, data be leveraged by MAP?
Answer: Not that I am aware of, MAP performs its own data collection.

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