TechNet Subscriber Discount still being offered with TMSAM09

TNPlus We are still offering a cool 15% discount on TechNet Subscriptions.  There are more details on my original post here:

Are you a TechNet Subscriber? Use TMSAM09 and I can save you 15% 

As my buddy Keith hinted at in his post yesterday, there are going to be some great upcoming downloads:

Are you a TechNet Plus subscriber? Might want to be soon… 

However, I want to make one minor correction to Keith’s post.  He mentions using TMSAM07, I would highly recommend my code of TMSAM09.  Although both will work, mine is better than his and lets face the other numbers are not scared of 9 as they are of 7.  Because 7 8 9.  🙂

I know 5 minutes no talking.

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