Launch Events Questions and Answers

Thank you everyone for coming to the launch events  and I apologize in the delay in getting the Q/A from the events!  I finally got this post done, amazing when you have some time off the road the things you can do.  So again thank you and here are the questions from launch.  Please comment…


2009 the Year of Windows 7 and So Much More to Come!

Here is a fun post I put together for another site, but wanted to repost here, let me know what 2009 meant to you. When we look back at 2009 as IT Pros, it was the much anticipated arrival of Windows 7 in late October that drove a lot of our decisions on technology.  Not…


Resources for IE 8 and Silverlight Deployment

As some of you know I am very passionate about IE 8 and Silverlight is some great stuff as well.  However, you may be wondering what is the best way to deploy these technologies for your business. Top 5 Reasons to Deploy Internet Explorer 8 More Productivity – IE 8 is designed to help get…


Enter the Windows @ Work Contest & for a Chance to Win An HP Envy

Sign up to join the IT Windows 7 Community so you can enter the Windows @ Work contest, discuss issues that arise during the implementation, configuration, administration or daily use of Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system. Be a part of the Windows 7 Community!  Here is a great quote from some folks using…


Take a look Bing vs. Google

Try for your self:


Make Your Favorite IT Pro Happy for the Holidays and save 25% on a new TechNet Subscription with TMSAM09

Good morning everyone, I want to mention we are still offering the discount for the TechNet Subscriptions.   Due to the continued success of the program, it is back again this year and the savings have been increased to 25%!!!!! Just Use TMSAM09 when ordering your new subscription. Click here to get your TechNet Subscription: Purchase…


Screencast: Windows 7 Enhanced Security and Control: Introduction

So as some of you have seen I did 4 brief screencasts on Windows 7 and some of the security improvements.  Well I had a camera, got a liitle bored it was one rare moments I had some extra time,  and I had a green screen.  I decided to record an overview of the enhancements…


Screencast: Windows 7 Enhanced Security and Control: Internet Explorer 8

As many of you know I am very passionate about Internet Explorer 8.  One of the great areas in IE 8 is the security enhancements, IE 8 does a great job to help you have a safer and more secure browsing session, take a look at this quick screencast on IE 8 and security. You…


Screencast: Windows 7 Enhanced Security and Control: App Locker

One of the great tools we always had for management of our Active Directory Infrastructures is Group Policy.  Group Policy is a centralized management tool allow you to control and manage your users desktops.  You can control settings from desktop configuration to deploying software.  Another great group of policy settings are the Software Restriction Policies. …


Screencast: Windows 7 Enhanced Security and Control: BitLocker and BitLocker to Go

One of the great enhancements you may used in Windows Vista was BitLocker.  BitLocker is designed to help protect the information on your hard drives in case of a lost or stolen hardware.  Which hopefully you agree the information is worth more than the hardware (may be a close second).  However, one of the key…