Goofy Training, almost there!!!!!

GoofyMedals This is the last full week of training before I head to Orlando.  My last double digit run was the 12 miles I did on Sunday and it felt great even though it was on a treadmill.  I have found out that through this training that I can do a lot of miles on the treadmill and still survive.  Thanks to the wacky, dare I say goofy weather I found myself inside more than I liked but was able to make it through. 

The fun thing about running inside is that I did get to meet some great and motivating people every morning.  I felt like I was a part of the 5am running club and it was nice.  A quick little hello or wave and off we went.  Most of them I found out later are tri-athletes and we kept on chatting about how much I would love that.  I am not sure if I am interested but it was fun being a part of the group.

Going inside reminded me of something I have forgotten it is great to have a running buddy.  Someone that shares your passion and helps to push you.  Thanks to my buddy Lucy, I made my 12 miles in 1:55 yesterday.  What is funny all she said is that she will sprint with me and we cranked up the treadmills and away we went.

Unfortunately this is something I did not get running outside, I was normally alone.  Not that I minded, but it is making me that much more excited about Disney and if the enforce the ban on headphones I feel I will make it through. 

So here is the last week:

Monday Cross Train, lift
Tuesday 4
Wednesday 6
Thursday 4
Friday Rest, Rest, Rest
Saturday 4
Sunday 8
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