Goofy Training Update — Happy Holidays

GoofyMedals So the only question I have this week is when should I run on Thursday, I have three choices:

  1. Wake up before the kids and get my run in early
  2. Wait until the kids crater around 3 and get the run in the afternoon
  3. Give myself a present and skip it

My preference is option 1, however that most likely means I need to sneak out at 3 am to get the run in.  The advantage is that I get to crater when the kids crater.  :-)  This means I get to watch football and enjoy the day without thinking about the run.

On to option 2, if I decide to run later this will be a long day, and I will think about the run until I finish it.  In reality this would also most likely lead to option 3.  Plus I am a morning runner and would rather just get r done!  Plus I may not have any energy from all the present opening.  🙂

Lastly, option 3 is this really an option although all of my friends and especially my wife keep telling me if I am not ready now, I will not ever be ready.  :-)  Plus I am like a boy scout always be prepared.  What is funny, I know I have done enough to make the run a fun one, but always want to make sure.  Remember: Pay during training or Pay on the run.

So if you were me which option would you choose?

With that said, I hope everyone has a great Holiday!

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