MVP Contest Update and Results

t61pAs you may recall I announced a contest Keith and I were having for MVP’s and creating a  screencast that shows PHP integration with IIS.  Unfortunately we did not receive any entries. That's right, 0, nada, zilch and for you developers entries = null.  This was a bit surprising to myself and Keith.  We are not sure, why we had no takers, was it the prizes were not enough?  Technology too difficult?  No experience screencasting?  I am sure we will get some great feedback, and trust me we have gathered all of your comments, and we will live and we will learn.  More importantly we also move on. 

As Keith posted here:  MVP Screencast Contest Status and Results 

We are going to get synced up and we are going to have another contest.   It will most likely involve one of our products being demonstrated in a competitive setting.  And we'll likely open the contest to everyone in the United States this time.  So have a great holiday, and btw if you want to see examples of the technology that we asked for the contest take a look here:

Running LAMP on Windows Server 2008 - webcast and screencasts now available

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