Holiday Gift Giving Guide — A Digital Wonderland for your DVDs

Kaledescape-Product-Family-and-Cover-ArtDoes anyone have a spare 10k that they want to lend me? 

Well if you do then I can buy the Kaleidescape System.  This is a fantastic gadget that will allow me to digitize my 300 + DVD collection (Including the complete seasons of Buffy and Angel) and stream it to any room in the house.  From what I checked out the installation will also include converting my DVD’s to digital format.  I may wait until 2009 for Blu-Ray support.   Now I know what your thinking is that I could just get a copy of DVD shrink and do it myself with a media center pc.  Your probably right but if I can get the 10k problem solved.  :-). 

Still a cool Gift check it out: Kaleidescape System

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    Great post, explained really well and I could really understand. Thank you.

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