Goofy Training Update — Home Stretch!

GoofyMedals As of today I am one month away from the Goofy Challenge!  I am starting to get excited and the holidays are really kicking into swing.  The last 3 weeks of training have really flown by, except wed. of this week.  I can feel my body and mind getting ready for the run and quite frankly I am getting really pumped up!

So not much to say this week, but I am ready here is the training update:

Monday Lift
Tuesday 5
Wednesday Was supposed to be 10 but see note
Thursday 5
Friday Rest Rest Rest
Saturday 10
Sunday 15


Okay so I was on the road Wed. morning and went to the hotel gym which actually was quite nice, it had 5 full treadmills.  Unfortunately they were all taken, so I ended up on a stationary bike for 50 minutes ~14 miles and then ended running another 4 miles in about 40 minutes.  I think that should cover the 10.  🙂

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