Do you want to get a Windows 7 Beta 1 DVD, attend a MDC and get one!

win7 I was checking out, Chris Koenig blog, who is one of the developer evangelists I work with, and I saw this great post:

Windows 7 Beta 1 for MDC Attendees! 

In a nutshell all you need to do is attend an upcoming MSDN Developer Conference and you will receive a Windows 7 Beta 1 DVD.  So what is the MDC all about, in a nutshell think of it as your chance to get caught up if you were not able to attend the PDC in LA.  They are delivering the best sessions from the PDC.

The events will cost $99.00, however there is a great list of sessions (click here to see the line up:  Session Line Up), in addition to some great giveaways, I may actually turn into a developer, temporarily I really want the Lego Robot.  Take a look at the list of giveaways that your will have a change to win: image

Register today and you’ll get the best of the PDC in your own backyard and hear all of the exciting announcements around the Azure Services Platform and Windows 7.

  1. Experience Windows Azure
    Create applications that seamlessly bridge the gaps between PC, Web, and phone
  2. Be among the first to see Windows 7
    See the latest advances in Multi-Touch Application Development
  3. Take your .NET skills to the next level
    See sessions on WPF 4.0, Silverlight 2, The Future of C# and VB, ASP.NET 4.0, Live Mesh and more

Register for a city near you…

Date City
12/9/08 ---- See Note Houston, TX
12/11/08 --- See Note Orlando, FL
12/16/08 ---- See Note Atlanta, GA
1/13/09 Chicago, IL
1/13/09 Minneapolis, MN
1/16/09 Washington, DC
1/20/09 New York, NY
1/22/09 Boston, MA
1/22/09 Detroit, MI
1/26/09 Dallas, TX
2/19/90 San Francisco, CA

Note:  The Windows 7 DVDs will not be ready to hand out in time for the events happening in December, but we’ll definitely mail them out to you as soon as they become available.  Everyone attending the events  in Houston, Orlando and Atlanta WILL get their DVD, just not at the actual event.

If you want to learn more about Windows 7 take a look here:

Welcome to Windows 7

I also found this interesting article about Windows 7 from Information Week here:

Microsoft Is Stealing Apple's Mojo

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