Book of the Month December 2008: Lone Survivor

lone This book of the month was a book I read based on a recommendation by Keith and Kai.  The book:  Lone Survivor: The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Lost Heroes of Seal Team 10 by Marcus Luttrell is an eye opening account about his Seal team.

I chose this book for this month to remind myself to be thankful for the jobs that our armed forces do around the world everyday.  Most of the time we do not hear about the stories that need to be told, more importantly like the one that is told in this book. 

Marcus is a true hero and soldier and he illustrates in great detail why he chose to become a Navy Seal.  I really liked the straight forward and blunt language that he uses during the book to describe the training and how he got through the highly difficult training to become a Seal.  This was the first part of the book and really got me hooked and I could not put the book done.

The second part part of the book he focuses on the mission, where he talks about the decisions that the 4 man team made during the mission.  He also talks about how difficult the decisions that our military has to make based on the rules of engagement that our military follows.  He talks in great detail about the extraordinary firefight that led to the largest loss of life in American Navy SEAL history.  He illustrates on how his friends and teammates, Lieutenant Michael Patrick Murphy, SGT2 Matthew Gene Axelson, and Danny Dietz, fought and how he survived.

The story of his survival is also something that is nothing short of a miracle, he was saved by an Afghan tribal law and tradition.  In short the story is amazing and I highly recommend this book.

Marcus also sat down with Matt Lauer on the today show click the link below to check out the interview:

Navy Seal: 'I died on that mountain'
Navy Seal: 'I died on that mountain'

Comments (2)

  1. Corky Axelson says:


    All of us need to know about this story, about these dedicated and fearless men who allow us to keep our freedoms and our way of life.  They serve us, they serve our country on a daily basis.  Not one of them choose to die that day, on that far away mountain top, but they did make the choice to join the military and if necessary, to fight to the death for something that they believed had real value.  

    I appreciate your message and the way you encourage people to read a book like ‘Lone Survivor’.

    Thank you, Corky

  2. barb2 says:

    I agree – ‘Lone Survivor’ was a powerful read.  The insight into the training was amazing, and the description of the action was gripping.  I had a hard time putting it down once I started.  Very good choice.

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