Interview: Talking IE 8 Compatibility with Pete LePage @ TechEd Barcelona

I caught up with Pete LePage again, this in time in Barcelona.  More importantly I caught up with him on my own turf at TechEd among all the wonderful IT Pros.  Now he was the stranger in the strange land.  We had a great conversation around how to think about Internet Explorer 8 and compatibility.  BTW, yes that really is the Mediterranean Ocean behind us.

Check out the interview here:

One of concepts we discussed in the video was the x-ua compatible tag you can put in the HTTP Response Headers of your web servers.  Look for a quick screencast to show how this is done in the near future.  This metatag would affect all of the websites on the server:

"X-UA-Compatible value="IE=EmulateIE7"

Additionally the web developer can add a similar meta tag to the site or page.  The fun question is what meta tag wins, if there is a conflict between the server, site, page or user setting?  The answer is simple the page setting will always win in the case of a conflict.


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