Goofy Training Update Are we there yet?

GoofyMedals NO!!!!!! but man I wish we were!

I think it is official I have finally hit the grind of training, and I am ready for the run to hurry up and get here!!!!!

I love running, and I know these training runs are very important for the last few weeks prior to goofy challenge.  I think all the travel and time changes are catching up with me, but I keep pressing on.  On the bright side I have a few long runs next week so I get to justify the big family thanksgiving dinner next Thursday.

So I guess the challenge now becomes what ways can I make the training more fun and interesting.  Part of the fun is still coming from the training with the varied mileage.  The other part is how I am choosing to break up the runs and doing some fun mile intervals with a little rest to calm down a bit after the interval.  Seems to make the mileage go by a lot faster.

So my question to you, is how do you break up the training when you hit the grind.   What kind of tips and tricks do you use to make the time fly by?

Have a great day and happy running!

This week is the same as next week, I actually looked at the schedule and discovered I am 2 weeks ahead.

Monday Lift
Tuesday 5
Wednesday 6
Thursday 5
Friday Rest
Saturday 6
Sunday 12

Comments (2)

  1. Larry says:

    Listen to music, run a more interesting route (but stay off the streets), or get a running buddy.  More sunshine helps the attitude through the Winter months, even in Big D.  Happy running 🙂

  2. Brian says:

    If you do listento music, change it up.  Listening to the same type of music gets boring as well.  Play games during the run.  Find a spot up the road and concentrate on it, but set a goal, like get to it in he next 10 minutes (without blowing up the run) then focus on the next mini-goal.  This turns the big run into a few little runs.

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