Anyone out there: MVP Contest Check Up

clip_image001Hey all you MVP rockstars are you out there?  Are you working hard on putting together your screencasts to win some cool prizes?  Remember the contest we started:

Do you want to win* a Lenovo T61P ThinkPad or Xbox 360 Pro with 60 GB? 

As of yet we have not seen any entries for the contest yet and we wanted to to see if anyone is currently working on their screencast.  Keith and I want to hear from you, everyone has been awfully quiet and this is a cause of concern for both of us.  If no one is in process for the contest we are considering cancelling the contest if we do not have any participation. 

So if you are working on the contest or planning to have this contest please drop myself or Keith Combs' Blahg an email and let us know if your planning on participation. 

Also Keith has secured an upload location on some nifty streaming servers so if you do have a screencast and are looking for a place to post it drop Keith and I an email and we can get you the info for the upload location.

We truly want to give all this cool stuff we have in our closets away, so if you have not started and still want get involved, you have time!

*No Purchase Necessary. Open only to active Microsoft MVP members of the 50 US States (includes D of C). Game ends December 15, 2008. For full rules click HERE.

Comments (5)

  1. Chris Haaker says:

    of course, you *could* open it up to non-MVP’s …

  2. Asuka Zhang says:

    Also,no open to MVP Outside US.

    I hate this.

  3. DM says:

    Not an MVP… and from Canada.

    That’s all 🙁

  4. Michael D. Alligood says:

    Hey, if they are busy; could a Microsoft Evangelist qualify???

  5. David Lawlor says:

    Its a shame more people aren’t stepping up to do this.  Even if it is outside their comfort zone, why not learn something new and produce material that could help others.  It is not that hard of a task to do, and the entries are low so you have an outstanding chance of winning.  Im with Chris open it up to non-MVPs or at least to the group to the MCP/MCT community.

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