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GoofyMedals Sorry I missed last weeks post but I was way out of town in Barcelona!  I was asked to deliver a breakout session at IT Forum in Barcelona, it was my honor to do so.  It was a lot of fun and my training took a back seat to this opportunity.  At least for a couple of weeks but I am back in the states and back on track.  BTW it was good getting to see the Powershell guy, Marc van Orsouw in Barcelona, and thanks for following the blog!  BTW if you have not checked out his blog on PowerShell you need to, it has some excellent information, check it out here: The PowerShell Guy .

One of the great things about running is that you can do it anywhere, and I was even able to get my weekly runs in, difference was that my backdrop was the Mediterranean ocean.  It was nice to run outside and enjoy the sites and sounds.  I even thought it would be fun to put my hand in the ocean, just to say I did.  Well lets say I misjudged the wave and my feet up to my ankles got soaked, included my shoes.  Good thing I did this on my return to the hotel, albeit it was a little squishy sounding.  🙂

What I found interesting is that all runners share a kindred spirit that a tip of the head, a smile or a wave is almost always returned.  Even as I was running in Spain, this unspoken language made me fell at home.  I am glad I have a lot of people to wave and smile at as I am running.  As if to say, are we there yet.  Unlike my buddy Brian, who never gets any one to smile: Smile out There, I always seem to get folks to smile.  With that said if you see me or Brian running down the street return that smile or wave.  🙂

Here is what in store this week:

Monday Lift, got past it this time Jimmy!
Tuesday 5
Wednesday 6
Thursday 5
Friday Rest
Saturday 6
Sunday 12
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