Fun for the Surfing Days, check out Mayne Street

I was browsing one of my favorite sites and noticed they have a new online show called Mayne Street starring Kenny Mayne.  If you like his humor and want to have a good laugh check out his show it is pretty funny.  I have included my favorite show so far.  For the rest of…


Interview: Talking IE 8 Compatibility with Pete LePage @ TechEd Barcelona

I caught up with Pete LePage again, this in time in Barcelona.  More importantly I caught up with him on my own turf at TechEd among all the wonderful IT Pros.  Now he was the stranger in the strange land.  We had a great conversation around how to think about Internet Explorer 8 and compatibility. …


Interview: Talking IE 8 Developer Tools with Pete LePage @ PDC

During PDC I got a chance to chat with Pete LePage, a PM on the IE 8 team to talk about some of the improvements in the developer tool set in Internet Explorer 8.  If you have not seen them yet, press F12 while using IE 8 or even take a look at the view…


Goofy Training, going to gobble up the miles and a lot of Turkey!

Last weekend was a great training weekend.  I had a great run on Saturday and I ended up running 10 miles instead of the 6.  Thanks Larry and Brian, I had a much better round trip run, I was basically running block to block.  Helped break up the run!  I also think I had a…


Help Wanted: How do you Pronounce Azure, I say Pretty Blue

So what do you really think about Cloud Computing?  I know you all have an opinion.  Whether it is good, bad, or ugly we want to hear from you!  Tell us what you think via the online survey below. Click here, tell us more, and make your opinion heard: Tell Us What You Think About…


Goofy Training Update Are we there yet?

NO!!!!!! but man I wish we were! I think it is official I have finally hit the grind of training, and I am ready for the run to hurry up and get here!!!!! I love running, and I know these training runs are very important for the last few weeks prior to goofy challenge.  I…


Windows Search 4.0 Desktop Performance tips and considerations

Doing a lot of work with Windows Search I have learned how the tool works and I have worked with a lot of great folks at corporate to help put together some fantastic information on performance tips and considerations.  Also in this post I wanted to talk about some of the key improvements we have…


Book of the Month November 2008: How Starbucks Saved My Life

I picked this month’s book on the way out of the store at the checkout lane.  It is an eye catching title: How Starbucks Saved My Life: A Son of Privilege Learns to Live Like Everyone Else.  At first I thought it might been a book about the wonders of caffeine and how this can…


Anyone out there: MVP Contest Check Up

Hey all you MVP rockstars are you out there?  Are you working hard on putting together your screencasts to win some cool prizes?  Remember the contest we started: Do you want to win* a Lenovo T61P ThinkPad or Xbox 360 Pro with 60 GB?  As of yet we have not seen any entries for the…


How much do you love your Avatar part 2?

Previously I posted an article about how a divorcee killed her ex-hubby’s avatar.  Well now it seems people love their avatar wives more than their real counterparts: UK couple in real-life divorce