What do you think of the new logo for .NET?

I know most of you are like me and not developers, but wanted to get your opinion.  Personally I think the new logo is Jazzy, what do you think?



So what is the bottom line for the change?  The original .NET logo was designed just before Forum 2000. It was designed to be attached to other Microsoft brands as a suffix. The result was a logo that did not stand well on its own and lacked impact.   We needed a logo that was in sync with the key values that we want .NET to stand for: consistency, robustness and great user experiences. We also wanted a logo that conformed to the design principles that are driving Microsoft’s brand identity evolution and is reflected in newer brands such as Silverlight, Surface and ‘Strata.’  Finally, we needed a logo that is more strongly aligned with the portfolio of brands that .NET is most strongly aligned with: Silverlight, Visual Studio and the AppPlat server products.

Comments (1)

  1. Larry says:

    Looks like they might have been sitting at the taffy shop next to the Needle when they got their inspiration.  I like the colors, but it seems too simple to represent the power of .Net.  Then again, a titanium dragon with lava eyes spitting plasma would have probably been overboard.  So, I like it 🙂

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