Goofy Training Update, I feel sooooooo stupid!

GoofyMedals As for the running I felt great last week.  Enough about that .  So let’s review, why I am running  the goofy marathon which is a 1/2 marathon on a Saturday and a full marathon on Sunday?:

It is the last point that I have come to realize a few things:

  1. I am stupid
  2. You may think I am not actually running
  3. And I forgot to read for the last year

So how did I come to these realizations?  I am been somewhat frustrated why the scale did not move at all the last few weeks, really for the last year.  I have been around 250 – 257 for the last year and my current weight is 257. 

I went and visited my trainer for a killer work out, it hurt so bad I could not run on Wednesday, and we chatted about my concerns.  So I hopped on the scale at the gym, got pinched (body % fat) measured, which is something I had not done at the gym in a year.

With a sigh I got on the scale, and just another motivating kick I had gained weight about 8lbs since I last weighed myself.  Then I started to get pinched.  This is when my day started to look up. 

Body Fat: 18.7% with lean muscle mass of 211lbs.  Why did I get excited, well when I looked at the numbers from last year my body fat was 21.4% and lean muscle mass was 197lbs.  I was able to understand why the scale is not moving but the body is changing, I was able to lose 2.7% in body fat and packed on 14lbs of muscle  When we started looking at those numbers and the amount of running I am doing why was the scale not moving more.  Body was changing in a good way but should it have been more?  The answer is YES.

To understand why I am I stupid,  I have to explain a little on what I did a year a go to help lose weight.  I got all my resting calories numbers measured, more on that in a later post.  Simple rule, is that take what you should eat everyday and subtract up to 1000 calories you will lose weight.  If you go past 1000 calories your body goes into starvation mode and instead of losing you will store and maintain.  So I did all the math last year and i had a plan. 

This is why I need a hug, when I did all those calculations I based it off the wrong number, bottom line.  I was almost 2000 calories below my intake, and basically starving myself for a YEAR!!!!  Sigh, the good news now I know and once I get a plan, I should get back on track.

So what is the plan for this week:

Monday Cross Train, aka Get crushed by Jim.
Tuesday 4
Wednesday Too sore to run, thanks Jim 🙂
Thursday 9
Friday Rest Rest Rest
Saturday 9
Sunday 12
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