Do you want some FREE help with your critical applications that seem incompatible to Vista?

windows-vistaI hear from a lot of customers that one of the biggest sticking point in deployment of Windows Vista is application compatibility.  With any major upgrade there is always a major concerned about application compatibility, but sometimes we are not sure what to do or what it takes?  Well let us help!

I just found out about a great FREE program for Windows called the: Application Compatibility Engagement (ACE)

The Application Compatibility Engagement (ACE) program is a 2-3 day fully funded (FREE) on-site consultative engagement for customers who have 100+ PCs, who are considering Vista Deployment, and/or have issues with application compatibility.  One of Microsoft’s ACE partners will go to your site and conduct a full assessment and develop concrete steps toward remediating any incompatible applications.

So you are probably thinking, what do I need to do to sign up for ACE?

Go to the Microsoft Application Compatibility Engagement Site

  1. Go to Step 2 under the Have Us Help Section
  2. Fill out the ISV Application Compatibility Form, the form will ask you basic questions like:
    • company name
    • contact name
    • contact phone/email
    • seats being deployed
    • number of 3rd party apps
    • number of in house apps
    • the ACE Partner (see step 2) you’d like to work with (or we can pick one for you)
  3. A Microsoft representative will contact you to discuss your needs.
  4. We’ll organize a conference call to discuss your environment, objectives, and assessment logistics, with the ACE partner, and set an assessment date.

Once you participate in ACE you would will have an opportunity to participate in a Case Study that will be placed on  However better than that, if you let me know about your experience (good, bad, and ugly) with the program, I will blog about!

Happy Compatibility!

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