Goofy Training Back from Watching the Browns put the Beat Down on the Giants!

GoofyMedals What a way to start a week of training!  I got watch in person my Browns beat the defending Super Bowl champs 35-14!!!  So to celebrate I made a command decision to take Monday and Tuesday off.  I took those days off as merely a way to celebrate the Browns victory.  This decision was by no way influenced by my bedtime on Monday, which was 3am, nor the flight time on Tuesday.  None whatsoever.  🙂

Last week was a great week of training, I was able to get my long runs in on Sat. and Sun.  Although I did end up switching them around, so I could make my flight Sunday morning.  So I did 16 miles at a good pace, just under 10 minute miles (2:39:30).  I was really excited, then I woke up on Sunday in the morning to run my 8 miles, lets say my legs were not as enthused.  :-)  My legs finally got loose (or submitted) around mile 7 and I was happy I did run, and I had no cramping on the plane.  Good day without a lot of well earned calories to so I got to have all the wonderful stadium food, and I did not feel guilty, and I did I mention the Browns won?

So what is store for me this week, pretty good week very similar to last week, no current weight this week.  I feel I have turned a good corner and I do feel that my body is starting to get acclimated to running the long distances, now it is just up to me to finish the remaining weeks and go after the goofy challenge.

Have a great week, and go Browns!

Monday Prep for Game, but I also walked a lot, more on what I did before the game in another post.
Tuesday Recovering, I mean celebrating
Wednesday 4
Thursday 8
Friday Rest Rest Rest
Saturday 8
Sunday 17
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