Do you want to win* a Lenovo T61P ThinkPad or Xbox 360 Pro with 60 GB?

Are you a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP)?

Do you want to win* some great prizes just in time for the holidays? How does a 8GB or 120GB Zune sound or an Xbox 360 Pro? What you want something bigger, okay how about a:

Lenovo T61P!!!!

Okay do I have your attention now?  clip_image001

First off you have to be a current US Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) and being willing to show off your rock star screencast skills.  To enter you need to create a 5 – 10 minute screencast on IIS and PHP integration.  The screencast must showcase the integration of PHP into IIS 7.0 on Windows Server 2008.   I also want to see it actually work you should show an PHP application on the IIS server (i.e. WordPress) running and demonstrated inside of Internet Explorer 7 or Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2, and verified it is running inside of the IIS 7 environment.

Sound cool and techy and you want to enter? but your not sure how do all of that?  Well I am here to help.  Here are some excellent resources for you to get started:

The screencasts entries will be judged by a blue ribbon group of IT Pro superstars and will be judged on Creativity, Presentation, Inclusion of Microsoft Technologies and Effective demonstration of the integration of PHP in to IIS.

Here are the prizes:

  • Grand Prize - Lenovo ThinkPad T61p notebook computer

  • First Place - 60GB XBOX 360 game console

  • Second Place - 120GB Zune media player

  • Third Place - 8GB Zune Media player

So what do you have to do to enter? 

  • Create a Screencast by December 15th

  • Drop the screencast at your favorite location, so we can download it (Remember it has to be Silverlight Compatible).

  • Send me an email with:

    • Your name

    • Address

    • Phone

    • Email Address

    • Link to your the Screencast
*No Purchase Necessary. Open only to active Microsoft MVP members of the 50 US States (includes D of C). Game ends December 15, 2008. For full rules click HERE.

Comments (19)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, If you are a Microsoft MVP we have a contest we hope you’ll find interesting. We’re

  2. tshinder_1 says:

    Not fair! Why do only developers get to play? How about an IT Pro contest?



  3. Asuka Zhang says:

    Not Fair!Why this contest limited with US MVP.

    I am a Chinese MVP,I also want to join!

  4. Dale Howard, Microsoft Project MVP says:

    This contest is blatantly UNFAIR.  I am a Microsoft Project MVP.  I am NOT a software developer, NOT a DBA, and not a network administrator.  So I guess that eliminates me from a contest in which I might otherwise be a contender.  🙁  No fair.

  5. Derek Schauland says:

    I am thinking about this one… but find it funny that others commenting here are ruling themselves out because they arent developers.

    I thought being an MVP meant you were good with Microsoft technology and the technical community.  Why not give it a look before you assume that developer skills are needed to compete…

  6. Keith Combs says:

    The basis of the content for the content is TechNet content.  If you are comfortable setting up Windows Server 2008 and the server roles, you can probably accomplish what is needed.

    Installing PHP and a open source application like WordPress is not a developer focused activity.  

  7. Keith Combs says:

    That should have read, "The basis of the content for the contest is TechNet content".

  8. Keith Combs says:

    As Chris Henley indicates in his post at, you can use several tools to capture your demo.  

    Camtasia is a very popular tool but there are others on the Windows platform as well as the OS X platform (in case you are using Fusion or Parallels).

  9. Anonymous says:

      My coworkers Keith Combs and Matt Hester are running a contest. On Keith’s blog you will find:

  10. Anonymous says:

    My team mates, Keith Combs and Matt Hester, are holding a little contest for MVPs.  This is only

  11. Anonymous says:

    Do you want to win* a Lenovo T61P ThinkPad or Xbox 360 Pro with 60 GB? Are you a Microsoft Most Valuable

  12. Anonymous says:

    Hey all you MVP rockstars are you out there?  Are you working hard on putting together your screencasts

  13. Jay R. Wren says:

    Allow me to play grammar police, or at least HOPE that I am playing grammar police.

    Is the use of wordpress a requirement?  Because php application (i.e. wordpress) makes it sound like wordpress is the required php application.  i.e. is Latin for "id est" which means "it is". It is used in place of "in other words"

    I’m hoping you meant to use e.g. instead of i.e. e.g. is Latin for "exempli gratis" which means "for the sake of an example" or just "for example".

    So is the meaning intended to say "a PHP application running on the server, that is wordpress." or is the meaning intended to say "a PHP application running on the server, for example, wordpress."


  14. Matt Hester says:

    Trying to give an example of an application, and you are playing grammar police. However, I have always used i.e. as to mean an example.

  15. Joel Stidley says:

    The rules state that the solution must be Silverlight compatible, does that mean the video has to be Silverlight compatible or the php application used to demonstrate must be Silverlight compatible? Do we need to show Silverlight at some point in the video?

  16. Dave Lawlor says:

    Im no MVP, but this is really a trivial task, I hope the comments are not representative of the larger MVP community. I really aspire to get there someday, but seriously can’t you guys just say "Cool! Thanks for giving people a chance to win" and figure it out? I do screen casts like this for nothing but to practice and maybe help others.

    Anyway I think it is cool of you guys to do something fun while also producing something that could help others. Hope the majority of MVPs are just doing it.



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