Interview: No one is safe when Mongo and KingCobra have their Cameras

So we were hanging out in Atlanta and who came walking by our camera?  Rodney Clark, the general manager of Microsoft Across America, read that as our boss’ boss boss boss.  :-)  We had a lot of fun talking with Rodney.  We talked about his bicycle trip to the Switzerland and how he views work life balance.  We also found out something that surprised us about Rodney.  He is actually very geeky, he is into all kinds of gadgets and technology.  In fact his mobile phone is currently better than Keith's.  :-)  We also learned about all the cool technology at his house, and Mrs. Clark if you are reading this, expect a visit from Mongo and KingCobra with cameras in hand, and Rodney we expect BBQ. :-)  Enjoy the interview!

WMV Version (RT Click to save): Fun with Rodney Clark

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