Goofy Training 6 Weeks down and headed to Cleveland to watch Monday Night Football!

GoofyMedals Last week was a great week of training and I am looking forward to the next 2/3rds of my training as the mileage begins to ramp up

This week is going to be great fun, my runs during the week are increasing and I have my longest run on Sunday at 16 miles.  There is a small hiccup, I am headed to Cleveland for Monday night football to watch my Browns on MNF.  So here is the hiccup, my flight leaves early in the morning, so do I try to get my 16 in and catch a flight or do I swap my runs again.  I am not sure yet.  Seeing as two weeks ago, it was not a good idea.  We shall see.

Well enough rambling, I think next week I will go on a rant about things/people that irritate me when I am running.  Have a great week!

Current Weight: 257.5


Monday Cross Train----Lifting
Tuesday 4
Wednesday 8
Thursday 4
Saturday 8
Sunday 16
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