Book of the Month October 2008: The Historian

historyFor this month I have chosen a spooky story in the spirit of Halloween The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova is fantastic story about an age old tale about Dracula. 

Elizabeth does a great job of putting a wonderful twist on an old tale.  We have all seen the movies and heard about traditional Dracula tales.

However, Elizabeth takes this great tale and adds to it a very compelling way.  The concept is fairly straight forward, if Dracula was still alive where would his tomb be?

Elizabeth weaves this tale from three different points of view as well as three different timelines.  She does a great job of blending the stories an fantastic fashion.  She also very richly describes the the environments and I really felt drawn to the world.

I also came to realize that she actually has studied her history and lessons from the past, so the book became an after the fact blend of reality and fiction.  I was watching the national geographic channel and caught a special on Dracula.  What amazed me is when they showed his castle, it was exactly how I pictured it from Elizabeth’s wonderful description. 

Have a great Halloween and I recommend this book as a great to get you ready for the holidays!

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