Is your Laptop your phone?

For one of my teammates, John Weston, his laptop is his phone.  John recorded a couple of fantastic sessions that he delivered at the Dallas AITP(Association of IT professionals) around Unified Communications.  In the two screencasts he discusses Roundtable and how he uses his laptop as a phone: Roundtable:   Laptop Phone:


Deployment Planning for BitLocker Drive Encryption for Windows Vista, How Microsoft does IT

Microsoft IT Showcase just published the Deployment Planning for BitLocker Drive Encryption for Windows Vista, which discusses how Microsoft IT is deploying BitLocker Drive Encryption to increase data security on laptop and desktop computers.  To increase data security on laptop and desktop PCs, the Microsoft Information Security team is deploying functionality within Windows Vista called…


Goofy Training In LA and running around PDC

Well the training is hitting the road for the next two weeks.  This is a fun thing but also my travel schedule is going to prevent me from getting my long runs in for the next two weeks.  This is a good thing and a bad thing.  It is a good thing from the sense…


What do you think of the new logo for .NET?

I know most of you are like me and not developers, but wanted to get your opinion.  Personally I think the new logo is Jazzy, what do you think?   So what is the bottom line for the change?  The original .NET logo was designed just before Forum 2000. It was designed to be attached…


PDC Day 1 Azure announced

Hello everyone, I was a bit of a stranger in a strange land today.  I am attending PDC with my fellow IT Pro guru, Keith Combs.  You might be wondering, why are we here.  Well we decided to crash the party and we were able to get in the door and do some work with…


Goofy Training Update, I feel sooooooo stupid!

As for the running I felt great last week.  Enough about that .  So let’s review, why I am running  the goofy marathon which is a 1/2 marathon on a Saturday and a full marathon on Sunday?: Keep up with Brian LaMee (See what he did here: 113.1 Mile Weekend) It is a Challenge See…


How much do you love your Avatar?

How do you know you have gone too far with online gaming?  This article is an indication of that: Angry online divorcee ‘kills’ virtual ex-hubby


Do you want some FREE help with your critical applications that seem incompatible to Vista?

I hear from a lot of customers that one of the biggest sticking point in deployment of Windows Vista is application compatibility.  With any major upgrade there is always a major concerned about application compatibility, but sometimes we are not sure what to do or what it takes?  Well let us help! I just found…


Goofy Training Back from Watching the Browns put the Beat Down on the Giants!

What a way to start a week of training!  I got watch in person my Browns beat the defending Super Bowl champs 35-14!!!  So to celebrate I made a command decision to take Monday and Tuesday off.  I took those days off as merely a way to celebrate the Browns victory.  This decision was by…


Do you want to win* a Lenovo T61P ThinkPad or Xbox 360 Pro with 60 GB?

Are you a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP)? Do you want to win* some great prizes just in time for the holidays? How does a 8GB or 120GB Zune sound or an Xbox 360 Pro? What you want something bigger, okay how about a: Lenovo T61P!!!! Okay do I have your attention now?  First off…