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IMG_0304 Well folks, I survived Vegas and still made all my runs every morning.  I have a fun story about my trip to share.  Every time I go Las Vegas I play the Majestic Lion slots at the MGM grand for my mom, who passed away a couple of years ago.  Well this time mom was up there looking down, and this year I won.  It was very exciting, and just made me remember how much my mom inspired me and my family to be their best. 

So why this post, well on Thursday I had a tough run and it was my own stupid fault.  It was tough, and I learned a lesson I do not think is necessary to learn.  I could breath smoke, have too many unhealthy adult beverages, stay up all night and still run 3 miles in less than 10 minutes a mile at 6 am.

Thursday was a long day and it was one of those days I thought, what it the heck are you doing?  I need to eat and train better, it was a mental tipping point.  So I decided to share with you my initial inspiration and the video I have watched again and again to re-energize my healthy life style. 

My good friend, and mental Jiminy Cricket (and he was tapping me on the shoulder last week) Brian LaMee lost over 90lbs in less than a year and is living a great lifestyle.  I was fortunate enough to work with Brian but even more so, he recorded his story in a nice video and how he changed his life.  The video is about an hour long, and trust me it is worth it, watch it when you can focus and learn.  If you check the video out, share your thoughts.

Brian’s Video: Well All Ways, Lunch N' Learn 

So what is on tap for me this week, well this is an interesting week, I will be out of town this weekend so I had to tweak the schedule to get my long run on Thursday.

Current Weight: 258

Monday Cross Train - Lifting
Tuesday 3
Wednesday 6
Thursday 13
Saturday 6
Sunday 3
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