Goofy Training is Headed to Vegas Baby!


Viva Las Mileage.  🙂

Last week was great week of training with the exception, believe it or not or, of my 3 mile run on Thursday.  That run was tough because it was beautiful outside, 65 degrees no wind cool crisp morning.  For a second I thought I was back home in Ohio, and I know what your thinking that was your worst run.  Well it was so refreshing and I went really hard on the first leg of the run, bad thing is that I forgot I had a second leg to get home, and I was about 5 minutes slower on the way home, bad split time ( called positive splits). 

When I first started training for my first marathon I learned the value of having negative (run faster on the 2nd half of the run) or neutral (run about equal splits) split times.  In reality you want to have negative split times, this will promote better overall time and results.  For me it is about conserving energy and allowing the body to get warmed up, when I run negative splits, I usually feel much better after the run, and I run faster.    I recommend try training for this, you know if your doing it right if as your running the first leg, you feel a bit like being chained do, and you just want to go.  So what you do on the second half is just that, GO!!!!!

There is a great article here if you want to learn more about negative splits:  Negative Splits Equal Positive Race Results – Usually! 

So what is on tap for this week, not to bad as weeks go, and I feeling pretty good.  My only concern is finding a place other than a tread mill to run on while in Vegas, and making sure I get the proper distances.  I may try to make it a little fun, go to the nearest casino every ten minutes of running.  The benefits here are two fold, first off when your gambling they give you free drinks, so I could get my proper hydration every with a good free bottle of water.  Secondly, I could always hit the big money (winner, winner chicken dinner), move to Maui and finish my goofy training there.  :-).  Do you think the casinos will mind sweaty slot machines?

Today I am loving the scale (not) and still retaining water, I was 256 yesterday morning before my run, and 250 after.  I weigh myself everyday, and I think I am getting more consistent weights on Sunday morning before running, so I may switch the regular day out.This morning, scale said:

Current Weight: 258.5

Monday Cross Train - 30 minute Swim
Tuesday 3
Wednesday 6
Thursday 3
Saturday 6
Sunday 8
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  1. Brian LaMee says:

    Run in parking garages.  Those monster Vegas hotels all have huge Parking garages and multiple levels.  I hate paying $25 per day for the gym and you can’t really run the streets of Vegas.  I would run loops around the garages and even up the ramps (good training) then get to the top, walk down the stairs and do it again.

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