Goofy Training this Week

GoofyMedals Well I had a good week of training, and a not so good week of eating, holiday weekend, friends, family and Shiner Bock.  However, I still feel good, it is all about making changes 1 step at a time last week, my one step was starting the running, this week will be focus on recovering and tweaking the food intake. 

So on to the training, I had a some good runs this week, and only one run I struggled a bit.  Note to self, do not mow your lawn after you run 3 miles  and before you run 5 miles the next day.  It has a tendency to dehydrate you.

My best run(Not pace) of the week, believe it or not was the 10 miler on Sunday, I finished in 1:51:11.  Not too bad that is just a tad over 11 minutes/mile which is my goal pace for long runs.  I had a couple of people ping me and ask what training program I am using.  I found Hal Higdon’s website is loaded with several great marathon schedules.  While there is no specific running program for the goofy challenge, it was recommended from the great discussion forums on the site that I should use: intermediate training 2.  The reasoning was fairly sound, with its three 10 and 20 mile runs during the schedule it will help you to make it through the goofy.   Although I love to run, I do walk through all of my water breaks, and I am still reading about the Galloway method of running, I like the concept and it is practically what I do now.  I may compare one of my 20 milers with the method and running straight through.

So if anyone out there has any pro’s or cons on the method let me know.  I am a bit worried about the schedule but after Sunday I feel I can do it.  There is a simple rule about training for a marathon or really any endeavor, that I try to follow:

Pay during training or pay during the marathon.

It is all about when do you want to pay the bill.  :-)  So here is the info for the week, while I am disappointed with my weight yesterday, not all that surprised.  I also talked to a personal training and after long runs you have a tendency to retain water, or it could be my scale is broken and hates me.  So that also could be part of the increase.  Overall I will also be looking at body fat percentage in future posts as well.  So here is my dose of humiliation:

Current Weight (Monday): 258.5

Monday Cross Train --- Lifting
Tuesday 3
Wednesday 5
Thursday 3
Saturday 5
Sunday 11
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