More Great IE 8 Beta 2 Resources: IEAK and Technical Overview

Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 Technical Overview for IT Pros

  • Internet Explorer 8 is enterprise ready: Internet Explorer 8 is the business-ready browser with Enterprise-class deployment, management, compatibility and security as a standard. It is designed to be compatible with applications written for Internet Explorer 7 and has a complete range of deployment tools including a deployment guide, Internet Explorer Administration Kit for customization, Slipstream, Systems Center Configuration Manager and Windows Server Update Services. More than 1,300 group policies are included in Internet Explorer 8 that allow IT professionals to customize Internet Explorer 8 to meet the needs of their enterprise.
  • Internet Explorer 8 reduces security risks: Internet Explorer 8 reduces the risk of your IT environment being compromised by a wide range of evolving security and privacy threats on the web. Internet Explorer 8 is specifically designed to help users maintain their privacy with features such as InPrivate™ Browsing and InPrivate™ Blocking. The new SmartScreen® Filter provides protection against social engineering attacks by identifying malicious Web sites trying to trick people into giving up personal information or installing malicious software, blocking the download of malicious software and providing enhanced anti-malware support. Internet Explorer 8 helps prevent the browser itself becoming an attack vector: it is built with the Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL) and provides more granular control over the installation of ActiveX® controls with per-site and per-user ActiveX features. The Cross Site Scripting Filter protects against attacks against web sites themselves.
  • Internet Explorer 8 provides speed and efficiency for the user: Many of the usability features in Internet Explorer 8 are designed to make the user experience better. Users can customize how the browser is used and work the way they want faster. Internet Explorer 8 also enables businesses, IT professionals and developers have a richer, yet more controlled and managed browser.

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Internet Explorer 8 Admin Kit (IEAK)

Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK) 8 Beta programs and tools make it easy for you to deploy Internet Explorer 8 and manage custom browser software packages. Here is a quick overview of the tools included:

  • IEAK Toolkit. The IEAK Toolkit contains helpful tools, programs, and sample files, such as bitmaps and a sample sign-up.
  • Internet Explorer Customization Wizard. The Internet Explorer Customization Wizard browser guides you through the process of creating custom browser packages. When these packages are installed on your clients' desktops, they'll receive customized versions of Internet Explorer with the settings and options that you selected in the wizard.
  • Windows Installer (MSI). IEAK 8 supports creating an MSI wrapper for your custom Internet Explorer 8 packages to make enterprise deployment via Active directory possible.
  • IEAK Help. The IEAK Help includes many conceptual and procedural topics that you can view by using the Index, Contents, and Search tabs. You can also print topics from the IEAK Help.

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