Watch the Olympic Games on Media Center – NO TUNER CARD NEEDED!

I just caught wind of an extremely cool FREE service for Windows Media Center:

NBC Olympics On the Go

clip_image001This will be an Internet-delivered catch-up TV service from NBC Universal powered by Wavexpress’ TVTonic platform. This free download-and-play service will highest-quality Internet-delivered Olympics experience in the USA. 


To get it all you need to do is:

  • Launch Windows Media Center (BTW This can be on Vista Home Premium or Vista Ultimate)

  • Go to the Online Media strip

  • Click on the NBC Olympics On The Go

With NBC Olympics On the Go in Windows Media Center, you will get:

  • NBC Sports’ complete on-air HDTV coverage of the Beijing Olympics on the NBC, USA and Universal networks

  • 225 hrs of long-form Olympics video over 17 days

  • 24 sports, full opening ceremony, and a closing ceremony montage

  • Up to HD quality, with the vast majority of the video delivered in 840x480 progressive scan resolution at 1.5 Mbps bit rate, plus several events per day delivered in 1080i resolution

Unfortunately, this is only supported in the US and even more unfortunately, it is not supported on 64 bit.  Which may not be so bad, if you do not have 2 64 bit laptops.  🙁

Overall I still think this is a very cool offering and to learn more take a look here:

NBC Olympics On the Go

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  1. steven sprague says:

    64 bit was made available last friday so you can watch on your 2 64 bit laptops giv it a try  installer is on


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