Do you want to learn how integrated marketing is changing?

logo_mconnI just got wind of an interesting conference, Marketing Connections , that Microsoft is sponsor of.  Being a professional speaker is a great job but marketing is key piece to my success, beside the perfect voice (listen to mine here: Do I have the right stuff...err the right voice?).  So do the tried and true marketing of the techniques work in today's digital world?  If not what does?  This conference looks to answer some of those questions. 

Here is the blurb from the website:

Marketing Connections is a unique event focused on exploring the great power and strategic value in integrating all the pieces of the modern marketing landscape: both traditional and emerging. Most events today only present a sliver of the marketing mix — whether it's online, search, email or tv and radio. At MCONN, attendees will come away with a holistic view of the broad spectrum of technologies, strategies and solutions at their disposal in this new marketing world — leading them back to their most important goal — generating effective outcomes for their customers.

So take a look at the conference and let me know if your going Marketing Connections 

If you go to the conference, let me know if you go a session, one of my former MS colleagues, will be speaking at the conference.  Romi Mahajan will be delivering this session: Marry Your Customer (or at Least Engage Them)  Got to love the title! 

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