MOSS 2007 Upgrade powered by Momentum

A while back a made a post on how you can get some support in implementation of certain Microsoft technologies, through a program called momentum.  You can see the post here: Looking to gain Momentum for a Pilot of Microsoft Technologies?  I know the program will also be adopting new technologies very soon, so look for an updated post in the near future.

Well I had several people join the program and I was able to gain some insight into a MOSS 2007 Implementation the the momentum program helped a customer deliver.  Dennis, the project lead who also manages his companies Network Services Group was kind enough to talk with me and how the program helped with a client of his.

The project was got started after one of his clients had attended a Microsoft conference and saw the power of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007.  The client was currently running Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and wanted to take MOSS 2007 for a test drive. 

When the client wants to test a project, it tends to make getting the needed approval very easy.  Even though the current infrastructure until recently was a complete Novell shop and they had  just implemented Active Directory.  The client decided to switch from a total Novell Directory Service environment to a Microsoft Active Directory infrastructure in 2005.  This was done to in an to create a single sign-on within the client’s organization for approximately 3000 users spread over approximately 30 locations. 

With the necessary infrastructure work done, it was time to upgrade and according to Dennis:

 "We didn’t find many problems with the testing or implementation of MOSS 2007. The upgrade went very smoothly. The main issue we found was access rights needs for certain services and directories which were not needed for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0. Once we figured that out, everything continued smoothly and is a very low maintenance program and server."

Currently MOSS 2007 has been implemented within that organization. It currently is in use by approximately 3000 users over approximately 30 locations. Dennis is also currently testing Windows Server 2008 Standard to implement within our organization.

Finally, I asked Dennis how did he find the experience with momentum program?

"I like the momentum program because it provides an opportunity for IT professionals to test a product and comment on how the process ran. A lot of the time we do not have the time to test a product, document the steps taken and then report back on how the product performed. Due to lack of time, we are pushed to get to the implementation part that you forget to take the time to document the process and any issues that arose. This program gives you that opportunity."

Lastly I want to say thank you to Dennis for participating in the program, and if you are interested in learning more about the program take a look here Looking to gain Momentum for a Pilot of Microsoft Technologies? , and if your interested drop me a line.

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    As I have posted in the past we have a great program called Momentum that will help you with piloting

  2. Anonymous says:

    As I blogged last month: Want Some Help on Piloting Microsoft Technologies like Windows 7? The program

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