Say it ain’t so, Brett wants to Leave Green Bay

brett Okay I am writing this post for my wife, I just saw that Brett wants to be released from the Packers.  Did I read that right?  Yup, it doesn't mean he is coming back, but does it open the door? Take a look at the article here:

Favre seeks unconditional release from Packers, sources say 

So what do you think, I know my wife will lose a little bit of respect for Brett if he comes back.  Personally I love watching him play, and I would like any team in need of a QB and have the potential to win the Super Bowl, has a chance to get Brett.

Sound off people: Do you think Brett will come back (do you care) and if so what team?

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  1. Larry says:

    I don’t think they will let him go.

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