Books of the Month June 2008: Percy Jackson and the Olympians

lt Okay I admit it, I went through Harry Potter withdraw.  I enjoyed reading the books but no new ones.  So as I was waiting for a flight, and I  wandered into the airport bookstore.  I saw the 4th book The Battle of the Labyrinth, as it was predominately on display in hardcover.  So I decided to start at the beginning, and went looking for the first book which is called The Lighting Thief by Rick Riordan.  To my surprise I could not find any of the books in the main fiction section.  So I asked the clerk in the store if they had the first book.   That is when I was politely informed that it was in the Young Adult fiction section.

So undaunted I went in and bought the book, I was already committed.  I picked up the book and hopped on the plane.  I was pleasantly surprised on how good the book was.  The stories, take you through the life of Percy Jackson who finds out he is a son of a Greek god, and how he learns about his heritage.  What I really liked about the book is how Rick Riordan blended a modern story with all the older Greek tales of heroes and gods.   I think the main reason I really enjoyed this book is that I really enjoyed reading about the tales of the Greek Gods when I was a kid.  I think this is great book to introduce the next generation to those tales.  As I finished the first book, I went out and purchased the next two books in the series, which I also recommend:

I will most likely pick up the 4th book, The Battle of the Labyrinth when it comes out on paperback.  Enjoy these books they are fun and quick paced, I recommend these books for both Adults and I think are great for any young readers.

mythBonus Book:  That's right boys and girls, I have an extra book for this month!!  If you enjoy the stories and enjoyed the Greek mythology as much as I do then I would strongly recommend looking at Edith Hamilton's classic book: Mythology.  You will find that it does a great job to help remind you about the stories that Rick Riordan based his characters on.  I also had to read this in college, great book!

Enjoy and as always please comment if you have read the books and enjoy!  I am also still looking for good books to read on computers and industry.  Please drop me a line and give me some recommendations!

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