Go Get the Windows Server 2008 Post Event Resources!

Thanks to our Canadian friends for posting an excellent resource for Windows Server 2008 launch events!  They have created a download that will allow you get VM configuration info, software downloads (if they didn’t get a kit or didn’t attend) demo scripts, demo videos and additional resources.  They call it: Heroes Happen {In Your Lab}

So what are you downloading?

  1. Virtual Machine configuration information for the IT Pro session 2 and 3 network
  2. Links to download all the software needed (in case you didn't get a software pack)
  3. Step by step demo scripts for the IT Pro session 2 and 3 demos
  4. Videos of the IT Pro session 2 demos (Session 3 coming in June)
  5. Batch files used for Server Core demos
  6. Additional resources to dive in further into all Server 2008 technologies.

Go here to download the guide: Heroes Happen {In Your Lab}

Excellent Resource!

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