2008 U.S. Imagine Cup Competition Videos

As I mentioned in a previous post: 2008 U.S. Imagine Cup Finals National Winners Announced!  Which is an exciting competition, well here are some videos that my buddy Chris took at the Imagine Cup US finals in LA.   In the first video he talked to the winners of the photography contest and the video will give you a sense of what the competition is like.  Take a look here:


Windows Media Player version:Watch some of the competition.

This years imagine cup has an environmental sustainability theme.  The projects all focused on the environment and our impact on it.  Microsoft is focused on environmental sustainability and Chris was able to corner Mark Aggar (one of Microsoft's Environmental technologists) for a short interview about his participation at Imagine Cup and some of his thoughts around how software might impact the environment.  Interesting conversation take a look here:


Windows Media Player version:Watch the interview with Mark Aggar.

Enjoy the videos, and look for more Chris has promised more.

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