The Last Interview and Huge Personal Announcement!

Well folks, it almost brings a tear to my face.  Here is the last Matt and Keith video interview for a while.  We are both getting ready to move into our summer schedules, Keith will be at TechEd and MMS.  My huge announcement below will give you some insight into my immediate future.

Overall Keith and I really enjoyed doing the interviews and all the technical learning's along the way to produce the content on the blogs.  We both want to know what you thought about the interviews.  We are looking for feedback good, bad or ugly, comment and let us know!  Without anymore delay here is Keith and Matt one last time:

Windows Media Player Version (RT Click to save as):Matt and Keith Last Interview

As for my HUGE Announcement, during the the video I mention about my upcoming foray into parenthood.  Well on 4-15 I got to become a parent for the 3rd time.  So while the announcement is not physically huge, being only 7lbs 3oz's and 19" long of baby girl named Caitlin Victoria (your significant others will want to know). 

It is extremely exciting, and I will be taking a little break during May.  So if I do not post a lot in May you will know why.  I do plan on doing a quick post on the security/technology on newborns, very interesting stuff!  In the meantime enjoy the picture of my daughter and son holding up her their baby sister:


Comments (2)

  1. Mike Ward says:

    Congratulations Matt.  We’ll celebrate over a drink if you get out to Paris.

  2. Matt Hester says:

    Thanks Mike, I will take you up on that one, now I just have to get to Paris. 🙂

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