Interviews from Dallas Windows Server 2008 Launch Event

It was great when Keith and I got to do the Dallas event it was right in our back yard!  What is even better we got to see familiar faces.  One in particular was a fellow Xbox and soccer parent Matt.  Matt and I met during our sons soccer game and then we found out we were both addicted to Xbox, so it has become more of a support group.  Here is our quick interview:

Windows Media Player Version (RT Click to save as): Matt

Keith also got a couple interviews as well, check them out here:

His first interviewee was Louis Morton.  We had a good chat about a variety of subjects.  Louis was a great sport.  Louis works for a large global IT service company here in Dallas.  Check it out:


The second person interviewed was Caleb Jenkins.  Caleb is a newly minted Microsoft developer MVP and Senior Consultant at Improving Enterprises in Dallas. I see Caleb everywhere I go in Dallas for some reason.  Probably because he’s very active in the developer community. See his blog at when you have a moment.  Enjoy.

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