Interviews from Las Vegas during the Windows Server 2008 Launch Event

Keith Combs and I just got back from Las Vegas, Nevada where we attended the Windows Server 2008 launch event.  We took along our video cameras for the ride and captured some customer and partner conversations. 

Print During our time in Las Vegas I met with Evan DeRouen who is the CTO of desertarc.  Desertarc is a non-profit organization that increases the choices, capabilities and independence of the persons in the Coachella Valley and the Morongo Basin.  Evan and I had a a nice conversation around technology and as you will see. 

We also talked about a great resource for non-profits: techsoup.  If you are a non profit check them out!  The interview is just shy of 10 minutes!  Enjoy the interviews and let me know what you think!


Also Check out Keith's interview of Paul Chrisco of Chrisco Consulting.  Paul is the owner of his firm and as you can clearly see in the video, a straight shooter.  Anyone that starts a business from scratch needs confidence, and Paul’s confidence in himself and his business comes across very nicely as well.  The video is just over 10 minutes in length. 


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