Congratulations Ohio State….NIT Champions!

Ohio State is the NATIONAL invitational tournament CHAMPIONS!!!  Congratulations on the 92-85 win over UMass!!!!



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  1. Keith Combs says:

    Way to go!  66th place is awesome!!!

  2. C.M. says:

    Ohio State was playing post-season basketball longer than 61 other NCAA teams and was the last Big Ten team playing in the post season. Way to go Buckeyes!  Skeedibo!

  3. ha says:

    But they aren’t playing as long as 4 other teams, which is all anyone cares about.  

  4. Jeromy Williams says:

    I would like to say as a buckeye fan I thought the win was awesome and well deserved after the snub from the ncaa. Ohio State never stops surprising me. You got to remember this team made history last year in the NBA  by sending three freshman in the first round last year from the same team. Never done before and what do they do for an encore get snubbed and go and win the NIT.   Jeromy, Gallipolis,OH.

  5. Matt Hester says:

    I love all the comments, and in a way I am very glad that we not only won the NIT, but also that we did not make the NCAA tournament.  WE have such a young and talented team, I would have rather had a NIT championship than an early Bounce in the NCAA.  Which most likely would have happended.  I also agree the NIT gets no love nationally, is just bad basketball or is it because it is not the NCAA?

  6. Keith Combs says:

    Matt knows I was just screwing with him… otherwise I’d have to cheer for the Longhorns and we already know what happened to them.  Disaster.

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