Matt on the Floor at SXSW* Rocking Out with Christoph Schittko

Happy Friday and it is:

Time to Rock Out

I did not spend all my time on the show floor talking to some fantastic folks, I rocked out on Guitar Hero with one of them: Christoph Schittko

Check it out and watch us rocking out on medium!  🙂

Just click on the control to watch the Silverlight Stream:

To watch the Windows Media player version:

Rocking out at SXSW!


*You be asking what SXSW stands for?  It stands for South by Southwest, a great music festival.  Wait a second I know what your thinking, what is Microsoft doing there?  Microsoft Silverlight was a major sponsor for SXSW Interactive which is celebrates the best minds and the brightest personalities of emerging technology.  While I was there I had my camera along with me and decided to talk with some folks!

Comments (2)

  1. Tim Barrett says:

    Matt, you play like I do: stiff spine, tapping foot, Superman stare at the TV. At least my blister healed for the last time I played. 🙂


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