Matt on the Floor at SXSW* Technology and the DJ with DJ Tina T!

One of the great things about Technology is getting see all the fantastic uses.  During one of the many fun events at SXSW was the PhizzPop challenge, which was won by Cynergy!  During the event we had a fantastic DJ!  DJ Tina T rocked out the house and played an awesome mix of songs!  What surprised me was the missing milk crates of CD's and records.   

I had a chance to talk with her during one of the breaks and chatted briefly about how she was using here digital music and the technology that allows her to perform.  DJ Tina T stopped by the next day and we were able to sit down for a few minutes to talk briefly about the technology she uses everyday!

Check out the interview below and let me know what you think!

Just click on the control to watch the Silverlight Stream:


Click here to view the Windows Media player version:

DJ Tina T and the Technology of being a DJ

On an interesting side note one of the other uses of Technology and music is the ability to stream live concerts.  Just ask Ice Cube, in fact he used Silverlight to stream a live concert from SXSW


*You be asking what SXSW stands for?  It stands for South by Southwest, a great music festival.  Wait a second I know what you're thinking, what is Microsoft doing there?  Microsoft Silverlight was a major sponsor for SXSW Interactive which celebrates the best minds and the brightest personalities of emerging technology.  While I was there I had my camera along with me and decided to talk with some folks!

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