Matt on the Floor at SXSW* Learning about Silverlight 2 and O’Reilly

During this interview I got to speak with Laurel Ackerman from O'Reilly Media about a new book they have on shelves: Essential Silverlight 2 Up-to-Date.  What is amazing is that we just announced Silverlight 2 on March 3rd and Laurel was holding the book on the 10th.  Pretty awesome! 

More importantly the book was written in a new concept they have at O'Reilly called Up-to-Date.   The Up-to-Date series is a new program from O’Reilly designed to keep books current even as the technologies they describe evolve.  More importantly the program will allow you to get updates directly from O'Reilly!   So a book that changes as the technology evolves!

Check out the interview below and let me know what you think!

Just click on the control to watch the Silverlight Stream

Click here to view the Windows Media player version:

Silverlight 2 Up-to-Date Interview with Laurel Ackerman


*You be asking what SXSW stands for?  It stands for South by Southwest, a great music festival.  Wait a second I know what your thinking, what is Microsoft doing there?  Microsoft Silverlight was a major sponsor for SXSW Interactive which is celebrates the best minds and the brightest personalities of emerging technology.  While I was there I had my camera along with me and decided to talk with some folks!

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