Heroes Fans: Your Zune Can Save the Cheerleader, Save the World!

I am I was doing some surfing this morning, and found something very cool!  To promote the release of the Heroes Original Soundtrack album release on March 18, the producers of the show are going to release 5 videos featuring songs from the soundtrack.  The first episode,  features Nada Surf's Weightless:


   'Heroes' clip: "Weightless"

So where does Zune come into play?  Well they are delivering the videos via the Zune Marketplace for free.  You can subscribe and learn more about the videos here:

Zune.Net | Heroes Exclusive Podcast Series

Enjoy the series and

Save the Cheerleader Save the World!

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  1. Brian Moore says:

    Very cool, Mr. Hester! Very cool indeed!

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