It’s alive, NOW Available: Windows Vista SP1 for download.

Again thank you to everyone who gave me feedback on SP1, you can read that here:

Windows Vista SP1 is coming soon to a download center near you

As some of you may already know about 1/2 hour ago SP1 was released for TechNet and MSDN subscribers.  You can read the full post from the TechNet blog here:

TechNet Plus: Vista SP1 available for Download 

You can download the bits here:

  • For TechNet Subscribers
  • For MSDN Subscribers
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    1. Anonymous says:

      Did you see this post at

    2. Mike Dennis says:

      Do you know if it will be available for other users before the Mid-March date that was originally announced?  I’ve got 2 PCs with the RC, and one of those has had some issues that I hope have been fixed with the RTM release.  My other Vista machine without SP1 RC has been down since Tuesday because I think one of the updates didn’t agree with my anti-virus software.    I had to take it off when installing the RC on one of the other machines.  The problem is that the one without the RC is on dialup, and my anti-virus software has to be downloaded each time it is installed.  That can take a long time each time.  I don’t have a TechNet or MSDN subscription, and I don’t want to have to pay for one just so that I can get a service pack.  I also don’t trust getting it from a torrent site, as it looks like many other people have been doing.

    3. RC = RTM says:

      If you have the RC2, then apparently you already have the RTM. Be glad you haven’t had to face the reboot of death yet. I literally took my Vista DVDF and broke it in half after the MS phone support told me there was nothing more I could do to fix the problem (tried restores-no luck. Tried renaming files-no luck. Tried every option listed in the blogs-no luck.)

      I’ll miss the Media Center recording built into Vista. That was really cool, but that’s about it. Vista is gone. XP is almost finished loading. What is disasterous year it’s been for Vista. SP1 just ices the cake.

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