Book of the Month for February 2008: "Then Tress Said to Troy…"

15295735 Good afternoon all my fellow Ohio State fans!!!!

This book of the month I decided to lift my spirits as well as all of my fellow buckeye fans!  Even if your not a buckeye fan, this is a good football book.  The book is all about the last 115 years of Ohio State football.  So the book of the month is written by Jeff Snook with a foreword by Rex Kern titled:

"Then Tress Said to Troy...": The Best Ohio State Football Stories Ever Told

I know the last couple of years have been tough and I was probably as down as everyone.  So I needed a little pick me up, so I picked this book up and started to read.  Not only did I get my spirits lifted I also gained a perspective on the football team and school that I am nuts about! 

The book goes all the way back and chronicles the history of the program from the very beginning through last year's defeat in the national title game against the gators.  What I loved reading about was all of the insights behind the traditions and coaches that have come through Ohio State for years.  A majority of the stories are compilations of former players and coaches, and is put together in a chronological order.

What really put things in perspective for me was the fact that winning used to be about a few things, Win Big 10, Go to the Rose Bowl and above all else BEAT the school up north!!!!!   Now while I would have loved to be the National Champions every year, and would have liked just one from the last two years.  I can say this, we have beaten the school up north the last 4 years and we have won the Big 10.  So not too bad when you think about and it certainly beats the alternatives, hopefully no one needs to be reminded about the Cooper year's.

So take a look and enjoy the book and let me know what you think!

Go Buckeyes!!!


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