Can your Xbox 360 Blog? Mine can and yours can too!

I have been blogging for almost 3 years and I want to thank all you for reading my blog!  I enjoy reading your comments and in general I want to hear from everyone on what you like, dislike or in general what you want to hear about.  Thank You!

360voice-125x125-blackSo what could be better than reading my blog?  How about reading my Xbox's blog.  That's right folks, my Xbox has it's on blog, I know that is sad, but oh man it is so terrifically geeky.  I just had to do set it up.  :-)  If you will notice on the left side you will see the gadget for my Xbox's blog.  The best thing about this is that it is auto-magic and it is free to sign up.  I just love some of the posts it comes up with for example here is one of the posts from last week:

RaidDawg showed up yesterday and we were like a superhero team together. I make a great sidekick! Gamerscore stands at 25,038. Up up and away right? That is a boost of 10 points over last time! He rocked out to LEGO Star Wars: TCS, Party Animals, Guitar Hero III acquiring 4 achievements, and afterwards, there were some awkward stares and silence... you know how it is.

You can check out the blog here: RaidDawg's Blog

So how do you set it up, well run over and check out my buddy Jason's blog.  He told me about this and he wrote a great post on how to get started, check it out here:

My Xbox 360 has its own blog 

Happy blogging everyone and thank you for reading!

Comments (6)

  1. Chris Haaker says:

    The downside is if you get tied up for a week the whining from your XBox really starts to make you feel guilty!! I went something like two months without playing and I swear my XBox threatened to commit suicide. Of course, since I got GHIII and RockBand for Christmas he has been a happy camper!

  2. Matt Hester says:

    LOL, those games will do it to you, a lot of fun but extremely addictive!  Enjoy being a rockstar!

  3. Cormyre says:

    Nice mention of 3v there Matt, seen you quite a few times on your trips around the Columbus Ohio area, so when they linked your blog mention (been a community member there for a few years now) I had to laugh, if you have time (I know your a busy busy man) you should check out the forum side as well, we’re low to no flame and friendly.  Anyway see ya around at one of the events.

  4. caveman says:

    how to get rid of 360 ring of fire

  5. xbox 360 freak says:

    i love your xbox blog ! I own a blog to about video games.

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